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Train the Trainers is designed to give you the tools you need to create sold-out & waitlisted classes that your whole town is talking about!

You are all fired up about teaching until you:

  • Feel like you’re unprepared to teach, even though you finished your teacher training
  • Spend hours preparing for one class and just can’t seem to get organized
  • Scroll through Instagram looking for inspiration and instead start to doubt yourself, your abilities, and your knowledge
  • Jump from one continuing education training to another, looking for that “secret sauce”
  • Worry before each class about each person’s potential problem and all the ways you might not be able to help
  • Secretly wait for someone to figure out you have “no idea what you are doing”
  • Think something is wrong with you (or your training) when people don’t come back regularly
  • Hear yourself cueing movements and sound like a parrot of your own teacher
Yes, this is me, and I'm ready for change!

You're not alone.

Many teacher training programs leave out the actual art of teaching.

Great teachers are not born. They are made.

There is a lot of noise out there in the fitness world and it’s easy to feel inadequate as a teacher (and student!)

What if we told you that you don’t need to get caught up in all of the hustle, competition and comparison mind games of the fitness industry?

Here's what you need:

Proven Teaching Tools

Learn how to choose the best cues, corrections, and class structures for your method. Let the actual science of motor learning help you create actionable ideas and effective learning environments.


We want you to succeed in both teaching and business. Use our decades of experience as your resource.


Break through your mental blocks. Tap into your own limitless creativity and start to trust your teaching authenticity. Whether the roadblock is about teaching or finding the perfect teaching job, we got you covered.


Ask anything at any point of your teaching journey and receive generous support. Our community is known for being non-judgemental and open-minded.

Train the Trainers is for you if you are ready to:

  • Teach any person, any group, any time
  • Earn more money doing what you love, teaching
  • Discover what makes you and your training so special
  • Plan extraordinary classes in half the time
  • Get goosebumps when the atmosphere in the room is so committed that you could hear a pin drop
  • Celebrate another packed-out class, workshop or retreat
  • Applaud your clients for accomplishing their goals
  • Be inspired to teach 100% of the time
  • Thrive in your own movement practice

What is Train the Trainers?

Train the Trainers is an online course for instructors who are feeling frustrated with the status quo and are ready to tap into your unique teaching style. You’ll hone your skill set into a masterful craft that leaves your students feeling empowered.

We will help you cultivate the knowledge you need to be an engaging, inspiring and authentic teacher. You will be ready to combat that lingering “imposter syndrome” so your classes are waitlisted with committed clients translating into a sustainable and profitable business.

Perfitly You® Train the Trainers is an intense learning experience shared with a community of professionals that have the desire to grow their teaching skills.

Hi! We are Christian and Hannah.

With combined professional dance experience of over 30 years we have also extensively studied many movement techniques such as pilates, yoga, ballet, contemporary, improvisation, Crossfit, neurological fitness and much more. Over the course of our careers, it became clear, that often the actual art of teaching is left out of teacher training certifications. We wanted to teach the teachers how to excel in their craft, not by just giving more exercises, but by examining how and why we should explore the art of teaching.

That is why we created our Perfitly You® Train the Trainers course.

Our approach is one of curiosity, passion, humor and precision. We combine all of our experience from dance, pilates, yoga and fitness into our teaching method to create a well-rounded and proven technique that gets results. We care deeply about the safety and well being of our students and strive to mentor teachers with the same amount of care and generosity.

Immerse yourself in the creative teaching process.

Get ready to learn:

  • How to explore movement in ways that keep you inspired and your students engaged
  • How to get client engagement and successes through effective coaching and community
  • Why your way is the absolute best way! (and how to find your authentic way)
  • Best practices while handling challenging situations with clients or unexpected changes
  • How to transform your movement ideas into action in clients bodies
  • Impactful tools to help your students make positive changes in their bodies
  • How to make your teaching career more sustainable, profitable and uniquely you

How it works:


Define your vision and carve out your path.  

How do YOU want to show up in your teaching business? What are your values, and what do you want to achieve? Clear direction and motivation are the drivers of your success. We help you forge the roadmap.  


Learn the tools and make them yours.

Develop your authentic teaching method that delivers consistent results for your students by using the tools of great teaching: communication, cues, corrections, movement creativity, class structure, coaching, and communities. 


Create a sustainable and profitable teaching business. 

Whether you are a freelance instructor or a studio owner, there is an art to business. We support you in crafting the structure, capacity, and culture of your business. 

What's included:

  • Immediate access to in-depth workshops in the Pillars of Teaching
  • Immediate access to workshops in foundations of a sustainable and profitable teaching business
  • 2x Personal coaching in our framework for building and scaling a teaching business
  • 200-page colour workbook delivered to your home (our gift to you!)
  • Mastermind Strategy calls discussion teaching and the business of teaching
  • Workshops with other industry leaders in the areas of business and pedagogy
  • Mentorship through class feedback, live stream calls and email support
  • Downloadable e-books, outlines, workbooks and worksheets to supplement your teaching practice
  • Access to “Coaches Corner” our private and judgment-free community of trainers and instructors
  • 1-Year access to all on-demand workshop material
  • Access to all our favourite teaching and business resources
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What's the investment?

Payment Plan: 12 payments of €91

  • All access to Train the Trainers video course material
  • 200-page color workbook mailed to your home* (North America and Europe)
  • 2x Personal coaching in our framework for building and scaling a teaching business
  • 1x full-class video feedback
  • Downloadable workbooks, worksheets, outlines, and resource guides
  • Private community for like-minded teachers: Coaches Corner
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Pay-in-full: 1 payment of €890

Includes everything with the payment plan PLUS:

  • Bonus: Social Media for Movement Teachers Workshop (Strategy, tutorials, organising tools, 90 day content guide)
  • Bonus: 1 Year Perfitly You® Inspire Membership (over 500 on-demand training options in our vault for your inspiration)
  • Bonus: 1 year unlimited live-stream training with Christian & Hannah (Pilates, Barre, and specialty themed training)
  • Bonus: Masterclass Mini-Ball Series

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What makes Train the Trainers different?


We encourage you (and teach you how) to tap into your creativity and authenticity.

Science Based Tools

We will teach you the science behind motor learning so that you have actionable tools to help any person learn any movement.


We create a safe environment for you to explore and discover the areas YOU want to learn. Each teacher is unique. You will learn to trust YOUR unique style.

Your original teacher training program gave you the building blocks.
Now learn to create amazing education architecture.


We recommend that you commit to a couple of hours each week to invest in the material. You can go as fast or as slow as you like to implement the concepts into your teaching. There is a LOT of material to explore with on-demand workshops, participation in the classes, self-exploration of movement, filling out workbooks and by submitting a teaching excerpt for feedback. The time and effort that you put in will be the result you get out.

We decided to offer Train the Trainers in this format to ensure you can learn with your busy schedule. We want you to take your time. Implement the tools into your classes as you learn. Watch, rewatch, write, journal, and ask questions as many times as you need! Every teacher’s journey through Train the Trainers looks a little different, and that’s the beauty of it.

You can choose between 12 monthly payments of 91 Euros through this link Monthly Plan.

You can choose pay-in-full and save 200 Euros plus all the bonuses (worth 1,065) through this Pay-in-full link.

Train the Trainers self-directed learning course is a mix of on-demand workshops, live-stream strategy sessions, workbooks, ebooks, teaching exercises and introspection. We understand that for many busy people, self directed and on-demand learning fits into their schedule better. You can learn as fast or as slow as you need. We will be in touch for the first 12 weeks by email to help support your learning process. Submit questions for our quarterly Mastermind teacher chats. Cant’t make it live? No problem, they will be recorded for you to view later. Submit 1x video of you teaching a class, and get feedback on whats going great and where you can grow.

Our hosting site, Hey Marvelous, is the best there is. Secure, easy to use, free of advertisements and distractions. Our teaching course platform is a private place for only us instructors, teachers and coaches that are enrolled in the current program or are alumni of Train the Trainers.

All training and course material is currently in English. If you would like to submit teaching samples in German for feedback, we would be happy to speak privately with you in German.

This is not an anatomy course (although we will be addressing anatomy, physiology and kinesthetics as methods) This is not a teaching certification for any specific movement method, you are already certified or currently teaching in your movement method. We will introduce you to many new movements and exercises which we hope will serve as inspiration for your own classes.

Christian and Hannah are accessible through by email, the private online community and in our Mastermind strategy sessions. If you have more in-depth questions that can’t be answered in our quarterly teacher group live-streams, you can also book a private time to talk/strategise.  We would like to be a continuing resource on your journey.

You will need access to the internet. We recommend a mat or carpet for the movement sessions. You will want to submit recorded excerpts of your teaching for feedback and mentoring. You do not need fancy recording equipment to do this. We will address how to do this in the first session. You may want to print out the workbooks and ebooks, or just keep notes in a journal of your own.

Once you enroll, you will get access to the first lesson. The additional lessons, live streams and on-demand workshops will be dripped out each week starting after our first session. You can bookmark the page in your browser for easy accessibility.  The live streams will also be accessed through this site. You can view the calendar here. 

Mastermind strategy sessions are announced 30 days in advance and area accessible through the calendar.

You have immediate access to all on-demand workshops. We will be emailing you weekly support through the first quarter, and then periodically with other helpful tools.

You will have 2 opportunities to have private coaching with Hannah or Christian to discuss anything that will help you along your teaching/business path.

All live streams are recorded for your reference, and in case you can attend live.  You will have access to printable e-books, worksheets, and continuing education sources on our Hey Marvelous site. 

You will be asked to participate by working through your own workbook, worksheets and ebooks.  We ask that you also participate by submitting a full class teaching excerpt for feedback and mentorship. 

Yes, you will be asked to participate physically during some of the training as we explore and dissect movement to hone your teaching skills. 

Yes. You have 2 opportunities for private coaching within the year. In Train the Trainers  you will have access to us by email, our private online community and can also ask questions within the platform in each lesson. You have the opportunity to upload 1  sample of your teaching per video (these are always kept private and will only be used in the context of this course and your learning process)  for feedback. We will email you a link to your private video feedback. You can  participate in our Teaching Mastermind live-streams either by attending live or sending in a question through a form. We will answer that live, and you will have access to the recordings.

  • You will have 1-year of access to all the recordings and on-demand workshops.
  • 200-page color workbook delivered to your home
  • Teaching materials (E-books, workbooks, worksheets, observation sheets, and planners) are all downloadable and printable.
  • 1x video feedback of your full class submission
  • 1-year of access to our private community of teachers: “Coaches Corner”
  • Bonus 1-year access to the Perfitly You Inspire Membership (Pay-in-full Plan)
  • Bonus 1-year unlimited virtual classes with Hannah & Christian  (Pay-in-full Plan)
  • Bonus Social Media for Movement Teachers bundle (Pay-in-full Plan)
  • Bonus Masterclass Series -Mini Ball Variations and Modifications (Pay-in-full Plan)
  • Certificate of Completion

Yes! That is one of the many reasons we decided to make the course on-demand: so that teachers can access the knowledge at any time of day when it fits in their schedules.  This program has international teachers, and you may attend from anywhere in the world. Reliable internet access is required to access the course, but you may view all the content at your pace and during the times that work for you if you can’t participate in the live streams. Your current time zone should be displayed in our “hey Marvelous” calendar.

The most impactful learning comes with schedules, routines and deadlines. We WANT you to be successful with Train the Trainers and prioritise this year! The knowledge you will gain will impact your future teaching career. The workbook and downloadable materials are yours to keep forever. Need more time with us and Train the Trainers? No problem! Our alumni program is for you!

We accept any teachers with a deep sense of curiosity and passion for the practice. Whether you are currently enrolled in a teacher training course, have completed a course recently, or have been teaching for years, you are welcome with us.

In the past, we have mentored teachers in these disciplines: Pilates, yoga, barre, ballet, jazz, choreographers, functional training, and circus arts.

As with any training program, your results with “Train the Trainers” may vary. Your results will be based on many variables, such as your level of effort, personal qualities, knowledge, skills and many other factors. Since these factors differ for each individual, we cannot guarantee your success, results, or income level nor are we responsible for your success or failure. It takes time, effort, and dedication. We believe that we provide you with a great toolbox to achieve your desired results.

Once you have purchased this training, you gain access to information and intellectual property Hannah & Christian created. As we live in an online world where information can easily be shared, you agree that this training is non-refundable except in rare cases, at Hannah & Christians’ sole discretion. Please write us at hannah@pilates-studio-nuernberg.com to request a refund.

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