Hey you, Pilates, Barre or Yoga teacher!

Congratulations! You have chosen the most rewarding job there is.

You started this journey of teaching because you are passionate about movement. You love to help people make positive changes in their bodies and you want to make a lasting impact in your community. 

So why all the nagging thoughts?

Can you relate?

Do you…

  • Have lots of ideas but don’t know how to implement them with your students?
  • Doubt your abilities because you’re comparing yourself to others’ IG persona?
  • Spend hours preparing for one class and just can’t seem to get organized?
  • Feel nervous before each class or from just thinking about teaching?
  • Secretly wait for someone to figure out you have “no idea what you are doing?”
  • Feel like you’re unprepared to actually teach, even though you finished your teacher training?

You are not alone and it’s not your fault!

Too many teacher training programs leave out the actual art of teaching.

Great teaching is not an accident, it is a learned skill.  


  • Feeling confident in your ability to teach any person and any group
  • Witnessing your classes following and understand all your cues
  • Observing improvements in your clients each session
  • Maximizing time on class planning
  • Feeling inspired to teach 100% of the time
  • Thriving in your own movement practice
  • Discovering what makes you and your classes so special

Finally a course designed to teach you HOW to be a masterful, engaging and inspiring teacher. A course on HOW to create innovative ideas, great class structure and plan efficiently.

Stop copycatting and imitating others.Find YOUR flow.

 Get ready to learn:

  • How to explore movement ways that keep you inspired and your students engaged 
  • Why your way is the absolute best way! (and how to find your authentic way)
  • Best practices while handling challenging situations with clients or unexpected changes
  • How to transform your movement ideas into action in clients bodies

Introducing: Train the Trainers

New dates will be announced soon! Get on the waitlist to hear about it first.

Online workshops, virtual mentorship, and on-demand education will inspire, innovate and motivate your teaching. Immerse yourself into the creative teaching process.


Hi! We are Christian and Hannah.

With combined professional dance experience of over 30 years we have also extensively studied many movement techniques such as pilates, yoga, ballet, contemporary, improvisation, Crossfit, neurological fitness and much more.  Over the course of our careers, it became clear, that often the actual art of teaching is left out of teacher training certifications. We wanted to teach the teachers how to excel in their craft, not by just giving more exercises, but by examining how and why we should explore the art of teaching.

That is why we created our Perfitly You® Train the Trainers course.

Our approach is one of curiosity, passion, humor and precision. We combine all of our experience from dance, pilates, yoga and fitness into our teaching method to create a well-rounded and proven technique that gets results. We care deeply about the safety and well being of our students and strive to mentor teachers with the same amount of care and generosity.

Our Perfitly You® Trainers course will help you cultivate the skills needed to be masterful at your craft and will inspire you to explore your unique teaching style in an non-judgemental safe environment. 

Practice your teaching skills with mentorship and feedback.  We will combat this pervasive "imposter syndrome" that many new teachers feel by working on YOUR teaching proficiency.  Masterful teaching translates to full classes, committed clients, and a sustainable business.Burn-out runs high in our profession, and we want to make sure that doesn't happen to you!   Are you ready to commit to becoming your best?

Read the course syllabus here: 2022 Course Overview Train the Trainers


What’s included: 

  • Weekly Live Stream Workshops
  • Live stream discussion groups for strategy about teaching and business
  • On-Demand learning
  • Video and written mentorship
  • 200-page colour workbook delivered to your home
  • Downloadable Ebooks, Workbooks, and Worksheets for your practice
  • Access to our private online community of trainers
  • 1-year access to all video material


  • 1 Year of access to our Perfitly You® Inspire Membership
  • 1 Year of unlimited virtual classes 
  • Masterclass Series – Ball modifications

“Hannah and Christian Teutscher cater to the needs and growth of each individual… In this inspiring atmosphere, the Teutscher couple aims to awaken and encourage curiosity, creativity and a deep commitment to learning in trainees and students.

The focus in the courses is to provide trainers and future trainers with knowledge about anatomy, alignment of the body, adjustments of the exercises. This is the basis to successfully lead your own courses. Hannah and Christian Teutscher’s training program is subject to a creative process, which gives each new trainer the opportunity to find his own talent and access to the extensive Pilates repertoire.” -Elke H. -Pilates teacher (Translated from German)

Perfitly You® Trainer program is limited to a small group of people so we can work intensely and personally with a community of movement professionals that have the desire to grow their teaching skills. 

Get on the waitlist to be the first informed about our next dates and locations!

If you would like to schedule a call to see if this is the right training in your journey, please send us an email.



We recommend that you commit to these months together through participation in the classes, self exploration of movement, filling out workbooks and by submitting teaching excerpts. The time and effort that you put in will be the result you get out.

Our Train the Trainers course is a mix of weekly live virtual streams, on-demand workshops, workbooks, ebooks, and continued feedback through teaching exercises and collaboration efforts.

Our hosting site, Hey Marvelous, is the best there is.  Secure, easy to use, free of advertisements and distractions. Our teaching course platform is a private place for only us instructors, teachers and coaches that are enrolled in the current program.

All training and course material is currently in English. If you would like to submit teaching samples in German for feedback, we would be happy to speak privately with you in German.

This is not an anatomy course (although we will be addressing anatomy, physiology and kinesthetics as methods) This is not a teaching certification for any specific movement method, you are already certified or currently teaching in your movement method. We will introduce you to many new movements and exercises which we hope will serve as inspiration for your own classes.

Christian and I are accessible through the weekly courses and by email. If you have more in depth questions, we would love to talk about them here. If you have a question, most certainly someone else also is thinking about the same thing. We would like to be a continuing resource on your journey.

You will need access to the internet. We recommend a mat or carpet for the movement sessions. You will want to submit recorded excerpts of your teaching for feedback and mentoring. You do not need fancy recording equipment to do this. We will address how to do this in the first session. You may want to print out the workbooks and ebooks, or just keep notes in a journal of your own.

Once you enroll, you will get access to the first lesson. The additional lessons, live streams and on-demand workshops will be dripped out each week starting after our first session. You can bookmark the page in your browser for easy accessibility.  The live streams will also be accessed through this site. You can view the calendar here. 

Training will be held both Live-Stream and On-Demand starting September 9th 2022 – December 16th 2022. Check the events page to see your local times. All workshops and discussions are live-streamed and interactive. 

All live streams are recorded for your reference, and in case you can attend a class.  You will have access to printable e-books, worksheets, and continuing education sources on our Hey Marvelous site. 

You will be asked to participate by working through your own worksheets and ebooks. Contribute through group discussions. We ask that you also participate by submitting teaching excerpts and full classes for feedback and mentorship. 

Yes, you will be asked to participate physically during some of the training as we explore and dissect movement to hone your teaching skills. 

Absolutely! That’s why we are here. To get the best out of our knowledge, you will be asked to upload 3 samples of your teaching per video (these are always kept private and will only be used in the context of this course and your learning process) and participate in teaching exercises during the workshops. We will mentor through live feedback, video, and in written form. 

We will ask for teaching samples at the beginning, middle, and end of our time together. The deadlines for submissions will be announced during the course.

You will have 1-year of access to all the recordings and on-demand videos.

200-page color workbook delivered to your home

Teaching materials (E-books, workbooks, worksheets, observation sheets, and planners) are all downloadable and printable. 

3x video feedback of your full class submission

2x private mentorship coaching

1-year of access to our private community of teachers. 

1-year access to the Perfitly You Membership

1-year unlimited virtual classes with Hannah & Christian

Certificate of Completion

Yes! This program has international teachers, and you may attend from anywhere in the world. Reliable internet access is required to access the course, but you may view all the content at your pace and during the times that work for you if you can’t participate in the live streams. Your current time zone should be displayed in our “hey Marvelous” calendar.

  • Live Stream Workshops Fridays
  • Live stream Discussion and Strategy Wednesdays

We accept any teachers with a deep sense of curiosity and passion for the practice. Whether you are currently enrolled in a teacher training course, have completed a course recently, or have been teaching for years, you are welcome with us.

In the past, we have mentored teachers in these disciplines: Pilates, yoga, barre, ballet, jazz, choreographers, functional training, and circus arts.

As with any training program, your results with “Train the Trainers” may vary. Your results will be based on many variables, such as your level of effort, personal qualities, knowledge, skills and many other factors. Since these factors differ for each individual, we cannot guarantee your success, results, or income level nor are we responsible for your success or failure. It takes time, effort, and dedication. We believe that we provide you with a great toolbox to achieve your desired results.

Once you have purchased this training, you gain access to information and intellectual property Hannah & Christian created. As we live in an online world where information can easily be shared, you agree that this training is non-refundable except in rare cases, at Hannah & Christians’ sole discretion. Please write us at hannah@pilates-studio-nuernberg.com to request a refund.

Is it time to elevate YOUR teaching?

What our students are saying…

They know how to approach each one of us in class about exercises even though our bodies are all different. So whether you have done a lot of pilates before or it is completely first time doing it, everyone can feel you are a part of the class and they will guide you to right directions or challenge you even more 😉

Chisato I. Professional ballet dancer


“I am a Pilates instructor myself and was looking for a really good online workout. On the one hand for myself and on the other hand to educate myself and to be inspired. With Hannah and Christian I found the best trainers. For them, values like competence, quality, expertise, incredible service and fun come first. In other words, exactly what I was looking for. In the meantime, I’m doing basic barre teacher training with Hannah and training Pilates and functional training with Christian. And all that online. The studio is perfectly equipped technically, so corrections are prompt. I am looking forward to my way and further development supported and accompanied by Hannah and Christian. More is simply not possible.” (translated from german)-Jana D. Pilates Trainer & Specialist pediatric nurse


“Pilates with Hannah and Christian is always fun – whether in the studio or digitally via Zoom. They always adapt the program perfectly to the needs of the group and always keep an eye on the correct execution of the movements, even via Zoom. I am thrilled how effective and at the same time enjoyable the courses are due to their intensive support. Thank you very much for your constant motivation even in these unusual times!”

Jennifer A.


Excellent place for Pilates and more! Hannah is an amazing and responsible coach, who knows anatomy very well and gives individual advice to each of us. Her personality is always very uplifting, making us all very positive about our fitness level! 

Cecile B. 


The works-outs are amusing and really effective!. Hannah, our teacher, transmits us all her energy and always encourages us to finish every exercise and to not to give up when the sit-ups burn! She always takes care we are using the right muscles and with a correct body position




If you are an athlete, I highly recommend it, because it will help you with everything within your sport, and you will use muscles you have never used before. She puts time in to help you and correct you, and actually cares about your development in Pilates, and your health. 

Eric F. professional football player 



Performance Fit Pilates offers not only highly professional advice in any of the given classes, but they also have such a wonderful way of whipping you into shape with a smile on your face! During the Corona time, I have been so grateful to connect to both Hannah and Christian through their offered Zoom courses and learn from their incredible amount of knowledge and experience. 

Simone E. Professional ballet dancer