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Ethical Social Media for Pilates

How can we as movement teachers and coaches make use of social media in the most ethical way?

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Shame Free Teaching

As movement coaches and teachers, we want to focus on creating environments that are shame-free and fun for all our students, no matter their age or competency levels!

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Navigating the Critical Voice of Our Internal Dialogue

We are often so concerned with the physicalities of movement in our sessions, however, part of our role as movement teachers can be to create awareness of what is happening on the inside of the minds…

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Cultivating Growth Mindset as Movement Teachers

As movement teachers, we know or have observed that growth is never linear and opportunities to fail greatly impact the growth trajectory. Today, we dive into a topic that is very much a pop culture…

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Introduction to the Art and Philosophy of Movement

Hannah Teutscher sheds light on the correlation between our physical bodies and our psyche and the real reasons our clients come to us before talking about how we, as movement teachers and coaches,…

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