Pilates Equipment

Adaptable apparatus enhances training for people of all abilities and fitness levels

Pilates Equipment classes are available in the studio as personal training either Solo, Duet or Trios.

The movements performed on the pilates equipment range from fundamental through extremely advanced. Never ending variations in every conceivable position and for almost every possible purpose. Many of the exercises are in a non-weight bearing supine position, making it possible for people of all abilities and fitness levels to achieve muscle balance and functional fitness. We can challenge the muscles whether seated, standing or in lying positions providing versatility and compatibility for any body size and ability.


Who should consider working with the equipment?

  • You are a fitness enthusiasts
  • You are rehabbing from an injury or have some pains that need tending to
  • You are an elite athlete
  • You want to deepen your body awareness
  • You wish to fine- tune and correct muscle imbalances
  • You want to strength train but not build bulky muscles
  • You want an adaptable workout that is specific to your needs and goals
  • You want a movement method that stays challenging and exciting
  • You are looking for someone to motivate, inspire and challenge you
  • You are just curious what the fuss is all about!


Our pilates equipment includes:

  • The Reformers and Vertical Frame
  • The Cadillac
  • Split Pedal Stability Chairs
  • Spine Correctors
  • Arc Barrels
  • Magic Circles
  • Jump Boards
  • Stability cushions, spiky domes, pilates Balls, rotator disks, foam rollers, weight balls, Therabands, pezzi balls, Bosu… and much more!
Pilates Equipment video