Pilates Mat

The Pilates Mat Exercises are the foundation of Joseph Pilates work. The mat work requires no special equipment.

Create balance through flexibility, strength, coordination and body awareness 

Pilates 1


Pilates 1 is designed for anyone new to Pilates including those that are recovering from injuries, people with an age where bone density is decreasing and/or joints are frail. Develop the mind-body connection and become aware of physical imbalances or weaknesses in your body and postural habits.

Pilates 2


Pilates 2 is for people who have absorbed the basics of pilates or for people with a good initial fitness level and body awareness. The rhythm of the class is faster and the flow of the exercises more continuous. New movement patterns are introduced and the coordination of the exercises becomes a bit more complicated.

Pilates 3


Pilates 3 is an excellent challenge for the core muscles, overall strength and stamina. There is a deep body-mind connection and focus that keeps you involved and learning in your own body through the diverse and exciting full Pilates Mat repertoire. The body and breath are synchronized for a wonderful whole body experience.

Power Pilates

All Levels

Power Pilates is a total body workout that mixes strength exercises and regular Pilates. We combine traditional training plus isolated movements to build control, core strength, balance, and muscular endurance. Benefits include: -enhanced core strength and control -building muscle strength -increased endurance. Power Pilates may just be right for you if regular Pilates isn’t giving you the challenge you need. You don’t need to learn any new moves, as it is just regular Pilates movements with more control, resistance, and variations.

Pilates Flow

All Levels

Flow Pilates is the Pilates principle that emphasizes a fluidity of movement throughout the duration of the Pilates class. Incorporating other Pilates principles, such as control, concentration, and centering, allows the body to flow within each movement and throughout the class. This training uses music to support the flow.

Pilates HIIT


Pilates HIIT uses the concept of High Intensity Interval Training. We warm up using essential pilates exercises as we prepare the body to move safely and increase our core strength. Short periods of intense physical work is proved by exercise scientists to increase energy output, cardiovascular health, lower body mass, and increase speed.

Pilates for Multiple Sclerosis

All levels

Manage MS symptoms. Low impact and suitable for all levels of mobility

Research indicates that a regular Pilates practice can help manage Multiple Sclerosis many of its symptoms such as foot-drop, posture, balance, bladder, fatigue and memory. Pilates is low-impact and is suitable for all levels of mobility. This class is currently online and on-demand. Please contact Hannah for more information.

Pilates Mat Video