Let us tell you a secret...

The health industry and advertising agencies have been selling you lies and shame.

They have made you addicted to feeling bad about yourself. We are constantly bombarded with information about how we are not good enough. The list of flaws is constantly evolving in new ways to make us feel inferior and make us try the next new fix.

Can you relate?
In the last 6 months you have thought:

  • I have too much weight or too little weight
  • I need to try a new diet
  • My arms are too thick / too skinny / not muscular enough
  • My hips are too round, I should have a thigh gap, more shapely hips, thinner thighs or different legs
  • My skin is not smooth enough, I should be ashamed of cellulite or wrinkles
  • I need to „man up“ and ignore physical pain
  • I feel so uncomfortable
  • I don’t have enough time to do something
  • I have to track my weight, intake, exercise

What if you could love, accept and respect yourself just the way you are?


  • Feeling strong and beautiful in your body
  • Muting the negative self talk about your body
  • Feeling stress-free
  • Feeling optimistic and energetic
  • Your posture exuding confidence and self awareness
  • Having effective workout options that you truly enjoy and which fit around your busy schedule
  • You had proven mindfulness practices without all the extra nonsense
  • Sleeping better and deeper
  • Knowing your body so well you know what do do about the niggly nagging pains that come from sitting too much

That’s where we come in….

Performance Fit Online is a monthly membership that offers effective movement and mindfulness solutions that fit your schedule and your goals.

Choose from a wide spectrum of accessible and empowering video and audio files that focus on every part of the body for any time of day.

Choose videos based on:

Movement Methods
• Pilates
• Yoga
• Performance Barre
• Cardio
• Fascia Release

Mindfulness Practice
•  Meditation
•  Breathing techniques
•  Affirmations

•  from 5- 75 minutes

• strength training
• cardiovascular health
• posture and balance
• flexibility and mobility
• Mindfulness and Mediation

Body Parts
• Abdominals
• Back
• Arms
• Leg
• Hips
• Feet and Hands
• Shoulders and neck
• Brain

We, Christian and Hannah, want to share everything we have learned with you.

We have created Performance Fit Online integrating 30 years of combined professional dance careers, over 20 years of Yoga, 15 years of Pilates, our signature Performance Barre method, CrossFit, HIIT, meditation, and more.  Literally, tens of thousands of hours of our international teaching experience has been filtered and infused into Performance Fit Online.

IG, Facebook and Youtube provide a spectrum of misinformation and unqualified teachers for you to wade through. How do you know what is “right” for you? How do they know? Often you just waste your time and efforts, and end up feeling bad about yourself.

We are outraged at people punishing themselves for what they ate by working out in such a dangerous intensity that you can not only see where joints are wearing out, but where their souls are just pulling apart at the seams.  There is a different way!

We believe that

embodied, powerful women and men can change the world  you can feel more confident and enjoyment in your own body  you can channel the innate power within you  you can create positive change for yourself with small, manageable and consistent time investments  you have a right to feel great in your own body  your worth is not defined by the number on a scale

What To Expect:
An ever growing library of videos that include:

  • Strength work for: Legs, Arms, Core, Shoulders, Feet, Hips and Hands
  • Mobility and Flexibility for all your joints and muscles
  • HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and low impact Cardio
  • Posture and Balance
  • Yoga, Pilates, Performance Barre
  • Stretching
  • Foam Rolling
  • Meditation and Progressive Muscle Relaxation
  • Mindfulness suggestions
  • Affirmations and Motivation audio files
  • Pre and post Natal safe workouts
  • Pilates for men

Added Values:

  • Beginners Tutorials for Yoga, Barre and Pilates
  • Spotify Class lists
  • Monday Motivation! Optional weekly emails with motivational tips and fun facts to help your practice
  • 7 Day Introspection Journal
  • PDFs with pictures of exercises for those times without internet
  • The Wiggle Room (videos for parents and their kiddos to shake and wiggle it out)
  • Booklist of ideas to inspire, motivate and create conversation


You invest the time you have. A wide assortment of videos are between 5 – 75 minutes long. Consistency is key, so we even address ways to carve out those extra few minutes in your day.

Your monthly membership to Performance Fit Online is much like Netflixs or Spotify. Browse the videos and audio using the search function dependent on the time, goal, body part, movement method or mindfulness technique. The variety makes endless combinations possible to create an experience that is tailored exactly to your daily needs.

Our hosting site, Namastream, is the best there is.  Secure, easy to use, free of advertisements and distractions.

There are movement options for every home space. We recommend at least a mat or carpet. No extra equipment is necessary.  But to keep it interesting, we have created videos with low cost fitness tools that don’t take up a lot of space.  We provide a pdf with common tools that we use, and their household equivalent.

We will be adding new videos or audio weekly. You are encouraged to try everything out! If you find a workout you love, but need some more variety, send over an email and we will film it for you!

Christian and I are accessible through email or any of our many social media channels. In the monthly virtual meetup, we would love to chat with our community. If you have more in depth questions, we would love to talk about them here. If you have a question, most certainly someone else also is thinking about the same thing. We would like to be a continuing resource on your journey.

You will need access to the internet to stream your videos. We recommend a mat or carpet for the movement sessions.

Once you enroll you will gain access to all the videos, audio files, and pdfs. You can bookmark the page in your browser for easy accessibility.  The live-streams will also be accessed through this site

We certainly hope you will find long lasting benefits here, but if you would like to end your membership that is easy to do. You can cancel your membership at any time. There are no hidden fees.

We are so honored to be on this journey with you.

In health and happiness,
Hannah & Christian

Get access to an ever growing library of videos and audio that you can watch anytime and anywhere.

Just €65 for a monthly subscription. No extra fees and cancel anytime

As a founding member, you get to shape our program as we go forward. Any videos you need will be made especially for you folks!