Can you REALLY have it all?

Have you been tricked into thinking that you need to invest hundreds of hours of exercising to feel good and “look good”?

It’s not your fault! The social media health industry relies on selling you a narrow and misconstrued view of what healthy bodies really look like and how they move. For 99% of people, adhering to these extreme fitness plans would cause physical detriments.

Unfortunately, some of us believe that to attain a healthy lifestyle we must sacrifice and compromise in other areas, as there is just not enough time to do everything.

We are here to say, you absolutely can have a healthy lifestyle that fits the time constraints of your high-performing job (that includes motherhood!) and you can feel great while doing it.

Have you ever thought:

  • I don’t have enough time to do something for myself
  • My body is too thick / too skinny / not muscular enough
  • I need to ignore physical pain and discomfort
  • I feel so uncomfortable in my body
  • I need to put everyone else’s needs before my own

What if you could love, accept, and respect yourself just the way you are?


  • Becoming strong and feeling amazing in your body
  • Enjoying motivating, inspirational, and effective movement sessions that fit in YOUR busy schedule
  • Cultivating an optimistic outlook and having extra energy
  • Exuding confidence and self-awareness through your posture
  • Muting the negative self talk about your body
  • Knowing exactly how to take care of your body, at any time of day

That’s where we come in….

The Perfitly You® Inspire Membership empowers busy people who want a great level of fitness but struggle with lack of time by providing a boutique fitness experience with world-class pilates instruction and a flexible schedule so that they can focus on their optimal health.

Choose workouts that fit your goals, mood, experience level, and schedule with the Perfitly You Inspire Membership.

Workouts that offer precise instruction will have you laughing, learning, and sweating at the same time.

Work out in the comfort of your home to experience coaching in Pilates, Barre, and fitness. Each month focuses on new themes so you never get bored. If you need more accountability, schedule your classes for weeks in advance so that you have it in your planner. You can also decide on a workout based on your mood or available time.  


Choose on-demand workouts based on:

Movement Methods
• Pilates
• Yoga
• Performance Barre
• Cardio
• Fascia Release

Mindfulness Practice
•  Meditation
•  Breathing techniques
•  Affirmations

•  from 5- 75 minutes

• strength training
• cardiovascular health
• posture and balance
• flexibility and mobility
• Mindfulness and Mediation

Body Parts
• Abdominals
• Back
• Arms
• Leg
• Hips
• Feet and Hands
• Shoulders and neck
• Brain

Hi! We are Christian and Hannah.

We want to share everything we have learned with you.

We’ve created the Perfitly You® Inspire Membership integrating 30 years of combined professional dance careers, over 20 years of Yoga, 15 years of Pilates, our signature Perfitly You® Barre method, CrossFit, HIIT, meditation, and more. Tens of thousands of hours of our international teaching experience have been filtered and infused into our online membership.

We teach and coach with compassion, humor and creativity. We want you to truly enjoy moving your body!

We celebrate YOU for being exactly who you are and where you are right now.

We encourage you to set goals and achieve that “something more” that you’ve been searching for!  embodied, powerful women and men can change the world — you can feel more confident and enjoyment in your own body — you can create positive change for yourself with small, manageable and consistent time investments  

What To Expect:

Your membership includes:

On-demand and commercial-free access to a growing library of Pilates, Barre, and fitness training with Hannah and Christian.

Access to pop-up workshops. Prior workshops have included Goal Setting, Pilates Flow, Pilates March MATness, and Community Coffee Chats

Workouts include:

  • Strength work for Legs, Arms, Core, Shoulders, Feet, Hips and Hands
  • Mobility and Flexibility for all your joints and muscles
  • HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) and low impact Cardio
  • Posture, balance and agility sessions
  • Yoga, Pilates, Performance Barre, fitness
  • Stretching and foam rolling
  • Meditation and progressive muscle relaxation
  • Mindfulness and meditation
  • Affirmations and motivation audio files
  • Pre and postnatal safe workouts
  • Pilates for men

Added Values:

  • Direct messaging with Hannah & Christian
  • Beginners Tutorials for Yoga, Barre, and Pilates
  • Playlists for “Good Morning” “Sweet Dreams” “21 Day Cardio Challenge” and more
  • 7-Day Introspection Journal, Goal Setting Guide and more!
  • PDFs with pictures of exercises for those times without internet
  • Booklist of ideas to inspire, motivate, and create conversation


You invest the time you have. For some people, our on-demand training will be the best solution. A wide assortment of videos is between 5 – 75 minutes long which can integrate perfectly into your day. Or perhaps committing to a regular live-stream will be exactly what you need. Consistency is key, so we even address ways to carve out those extra few minutes in your day.

Your Perfitly You Membership is much like Netflix or Spotify. Browse the videos and audio using the search function dependent on the time, goal, body part, movement method or mindfulness technique. Or check out the calendar and live stream training. The variety makes endless combinations possible to create an experience that is tailored exactly to your daily needs.

Our hosting site, Hey Marvelous, is the best there is.  Secure, easy to use, free of advertisements and distractions.

There are movement options for every home space. We recommend at least a mat or carpet. No extra equipment is necessary.  But to keep it interesting, we have created live streams and videos with low-cost fitness tools that don’t take up a lot of space.  We provide a pdf with common tools that we use and their household equivalent.

We will be adding new videos or audio weekly to the on-demand selection. We keep your brain and body entertained with endless variations and diversity through our live-stream training. You are encouraged to try everything out! If you find a workout you love, but need some more selection, send us a message and we will film it for you!

Christian and Hannah are accessible through private messaging on Perfitly You or through email. We would like to be a continuing resource on your fitness journey and will answer any questions we can!

You will need access to the internet to stream your videos. We recommend a mat or carpet for the movement sessions.

Once you enroll you will gain access to all the live-stream, videos, audio files, and pdfs directly from the same site. You can bookmark the page in your browser for easy accessibility.  We recommend google chrome. You will be able to click on the “Events” to register for your live-streams.

We certainly hope you will find long-lasting benefits here, but if you would like to end your membership that is easy to do. You can cancel your membership at any time right from your profile on the platform. There are no hidden fees.

Nope. The Perfitly You membership will guide you to better health no matter what your current fitness level is. As you start to gain confidence in your abilities, you can choose more challenging workouts. Our membership is designed to meet you where you are and guide you to meet your goals and improve your fitness.

1)After you log in, go to the “Events” tab in the membership or to the “Calendar” at the top. 

2)Click on the class you are interested in to read the description and any relevant info. 

3) Click “Join the Livestream” or “Register for Event” 

You are registered for the class! You will receive an email link before the training or you can enter directly from the event page when it’s time.

There are a few options!

You can start group conversations in our private community on our platform. (Much like other social media platforms, but minus all the extra noise, distractions and advertisements)

Join a live stream a few minutes early or stay a couple of minutes later to meet some others from around the world. 

Join one of our “Meet-Ups” where we live-stream and chat with the community.

The live-streamed training will be in English (unless all participants speak German and would rather the class in German.)

Most of the on-demand training videos are in English. You can use the search function to find training in the German language.

The Inspire membership is completely online. You can either live-stream training or use our extensive on-demand video and audio library. Other resources include downloadable pdf’s and ebooks.

We are so honored to be on this journey with you.

In health and happiness,
Hannah & Christian

Workout better than the gym with On-Demand Motivation.

Just €65 for a monthly subscription. No extra fees and cancel anytime

What people are saying…

“I cannot express how grateful I am to Hannah and Christian for providing the online library. Whether I have 5 minutes or 50, there is a session I can complete. If my kids need a quick pick me up during homeschool hours, If i need some words of encouragement in a meditation, or dance to some Brazilian music I can find it. With encouragement, humor and wisdom, I can work out, feel a part of a community and continue to work on being healthy. There are few things I can count on these days, but Hannah and Christian are unwavering.” -Annie C.


“They are not only great trainers, but also amazing coaches. You will enjoy their personalized training and feel so motivated to get the most out of every training session. Every training is different and due to their creativity you can never get bored.” -Sara G.


“I am working out with Hannah and Christian since almost 5 years. They helped me during and after my pregnancy to get back into shape. Being a working Mum during Corona lockdown made it much more complicated to find the time to work out. I am so grateful for their new On-Demand Library!!! Now I can do my favourite trainings whenever it suits my daily schedule.” -Daniela H.