We are moving! 

Don’t worry. We are not going far! We are moving one floor down in the same building, Königstrasse 33, Nuremberg. 

Although this was not what we planned, we are turning lemons into lemonade. Life often brings us unexpected twists and turns, and it’s our job to make the best out of it. And this situation is a blessing in disguise. 

Construction and renovation have already started, and we are thrilled with how everything is progressing. 

We will finally have one beautiful place for the entire studio! It’s clean, cozy, bright, and beautiful. 

Studio 1

The equipment group studio will have even more room to spread out so we can use all of the famous pilates tools in one session. This includes our reformers, towers, stability chairs, arcs, and jump boards. We have so many tools that it will be hard to decide what to use. 

 Studio 2

The sunny and quiet group studio has double the space, a better sound system, new ballet barres, interactive lighting, and new small equipment for classes. There is so much more room! We have missed our community feeling and can’t wait to have our group classes back. 

 Studio 3

We can work on the pilates Cadillac, Reformer, and spine corrector in this cozy and quiet space. It’s the perfect atmosphere to focus and concentrate on yourself. 


The changing room/lounge will have individual cabins to change, lockers for your belongings, and a comfortable couch to chill out before classes. 

 Virtual Studio

Our new space will increase the production quality of our live-stream and on-demand training. 

 We are going to have a couple of new faces on our teaching team. 

(This stays a secret for a while longer, they are AMAZING, and we can’t wait to introduce you to them!) 

 Here is how you can help: We need to know what you want.

I’m building the group course plan from the ground up again. 

Can you please fill out this survey with your class time wishes? 


Click here: for English Survey


When is this going to happen?

Great question. We hope in the next couple of months. As soon as we have a date, you will be the first to know so we can celebrate with an open house party. 

 Thank you again for your help with the survey. Christian and I are so excited to invite you to the new Performance Fit Pilates.

Hannah and Christian