The statement “Pilates can change your life” can seem exaggerated. But when you listen to the real-life stories of how it can happen, you can start to understand how powerful fitness can be! We want to introduce you to Katrin and her story.

When did you start Pilates and why?

The year 2015 began with severe back pain, manifested in a herniated disc. In addition to classic pain treatment and physiotherapy, I treated myself alternatively with acupuncture and osteopathy. Basically, I knew that this type of treatment would only provide relief from the symptoms. I knew I had to change my lifestyle fundamentally and was looking for a gym to accompany me on my journey. I found Performance Fit Pilates via google.

In short: I started Pilates because I had physical problems.

What did you expect to experience with pilates, and was that different from what happened? 

My goal was to strengthen my back muscles or even to find and build them up never to have to endure this immense pain again. I was surprised Pilates focused on the abdominal muscles when I wanted to strengthen my back. You always explained anatomical connections to me, which also helped me a lot to stick with it.

I’ve tried all kinds of studios and sports in my life. However, it always remained just trials. I signed up, went 3 or 4 times, and gave up.

In most sports classes I overstrained myself, and was completely exhausted, which meant that I needed long breaks again and again. There was never any continuity, and therefore never a real sense of achievement.

I booked solo lessons following your advice. You wanted to respond individually to my physical condition. I should refrain from group courses until I was feeling “safe”. The individual lessons challenged me, but never so much that I had aching muscles. I felt muscular progress very soon. Above all, I felt muscle groups that I didn’t even know existed. Being able to control them at will was also a game-changer. In general, this way of perceiving my body. Soon I was “allowed” to go to the group courses.

For me, the studio was an important pillar in my life during this time. I was usually there at 8 a.m. for different courses or for a solo or duet. My back pain hasn’t come back since.

We often say that Pilates can change your life. Has this happened to you? How/why?

I wholeheartedly agree.

The regularity of my training in the studio has given me a self-confident way of dealing with my body. I noticed that my body is also athletic, that my body can do so much. At school, I was the typical girl who was among the last to be picked for dodgeball. I hated sports and was bad at everything that was asked. So I stamped myself as “not athletic”.

Now exercise has become an important part of my life. After my long-standing Pilates routine, I have now found other sports that I pursue, like hiking and cycling. One of the other challenges, 50 km marches or 1,000 km bikepacking trips, I also get through with your support.

During training, we focused on my goal and then, for example, trained more legs or endurance on the jumping board.

Katrin completes her first Mega March

Pilates training is always about what I need at the moment. What does my body need?  What good can I do for my body today?

Have you experienced a difference in how you view yourself and your body? If so, what has changed?

My body and I weren’t best friends for most of my life.

Before I became a mother, I usually wore size 36/38, but I wasn’t really happy with my body. I hated going to public baths back then and was constantly comparing myself to other women. After my children were born, I was always on a diet of some sort or committed to some new diet.Always pull through for a short time but constantly on the lookout. I never lost my pregnancy kilos, on the contrary, quite a few were added.

Sport changed my body. Not really in terms of weight, but in shape and my personal perception. In body tension and awareness. Before that, I usually hid my body under long sweaters or tunics, or A-dresses. With you guys, I mostly wore the baggy yoga pants. Do you remember when I came in my first leggings?  I felt great in these with my toned legs. “Look at these legs :-)”

The training gave me healthy self-confidence for my body. I now also go to the sauna without any problems, which would have been unthinkable years ago.

If Katrin of the future (the woman right now) could talk to the past Katrin (the woman at the beginning of her fitness journey) what advice would she give?

Search persistently for a studio, a trainer who supports you, who takes you by the hand. Invest here. It’s worth every euro. You don’t have to walk this path alone. And it’s not a sign of weakness to seek support here.

Step by step.
For me, Pilates was the step into a healthier life. A healthy lifestyle in terms of nutrition followed and an honest examination of myself and what I really want in life. The clashes continue 😉 I’m sort of a traveler.

Is there anything you would like to share with our readers about your journey and what it means to you?  

For me, Performance fit Pilates is one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever unwrapped. Every single hour means a lot to me and I usually leave the Ostermayer Passage with a smile. Thanks for having me 🙂

(Katrin’s story has been translated from German.)

Katrin is a natural healing practitioner. She also offers weekend retreats focused on Naturopathy, fasting, hiking, meditation and yoga. Read more about her offerings here:

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