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Pilates first timers be like…

P – Perfect, this will be easy.

I – Is this all there is?

L – Lordy, my muscles are shaking…

A – Alright, this is harder than I expected.

T – Thanks to all the muscles I never knew I had!

E – Exactly what my body needed, how did the instructor know?

S – Sign me up again! 

Most people who’ve tried pilates will go through this learning curve. What looks easy, is actually deceptively hard and challenging.

The mind-body connection is what makes pilates so satisfying. To be able to hone in not only on the specific firing of a muscle but how that integrates into the whole exercise and body is what makes the pilates system so brilliant. 

Most of our clients say that they are so absorbed in the moment, that they can’t think about anything else. All the stresses of every day life just fall away as we concentrate on performing an exercise to the best of our ability. 

For us as trainers, knowing what the client needs is an art form practiced over many years. When we get it right, we can transport our student into an entirely new experience of body awareness. 

This is just one of the many reasons we love Pilates!