What is our role as movement teachers and instructors? Should we be doing something more?

For many instructors, teaching is as simple as getting the body in front of us to move. 

We want the body to be moving safely, and efficiently and working towards whatever goals have been agreed upon. 

This goal could be learning a movement method, such as pilates or barre. Or perhaps the persons’ goals are a bit further reaching, like moving pain-free or engaging in a healthy, active lifestyle. 

Never in over 20 years of teaching has a client/student said to me, my goal is for you to inspire me. But somehow, that is exactly what happens if we do our job correctly.

We inspire, we motivate, we coach, and we create movement experiences that go far beyond the studio walls. 

Through my experiences of being taught by Mrs. Leder, I experienced how powerful the role of a teacher can be. She changed my life forever. 

My deep hope is to be able to coach with the same love, compassion, and care as she did.

So yes, our role as movement teachers is to get people moving. But it can be so much more profound if we allow it to be. 

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Helping people realize and attain their dreams and goals is why I teach.