These past years have really changed the art of teaching and taking movement classes!

We love virtual training for a number of reasons.

  • You can work out safely and comfortably from your home.
  • If you have children or are a caretaker (of a human or of a beloved furry friend) you can take time for yourself but still be near them.
  • If you have any number of conditions that reduce mobility or your energy, you don’t need to fuss with getting to and from the studio.
  • If you have limited time available, you can streamline your day.
  • No commuting, parking or dealing with crowded dressing rooms. 
  • AND, we have found it is a fantastic way to deepen your mind-body connection! 

We want to help you get the best out of your virtual class experience with a few tips to set yourself for success. 


Set the stage

Depending on your living environment, finding enough room can be a bit tricky. We recommend that you have enough space for your mat and that you can open your arms wide to the side and over your head without hitting anything. 


Set your phone/tablet far enough away that we can see you! We really want to be able to interact with you and give feedback/corrections. That is our job to make sure you are having a safe and effective workout.  You get the best out of our expertise when we can see your movement patterns. We never judge, we just want to help. 


If you would rather not be on screen, no problem! Just let us know if you have any injuries or conditions before the class so that we can give you a few tips if there are modifications you should be aware of. 


Have your props ready to go.

If you need weights, bands, chair, water bottles… get them all ready before the class. That way you don’t have to run around looking for things. 


Check your technology. 

As much as we would love to know all about technology and your device, we unfortunately don’t have all the answers. Leave yourself enough time to set up your technology for a stress-free training start. BUT, if something has gone awry, check the internet connection, make sure you have power (battery or plugged in), that your volume is turned up, and that your camera is not blocked. Do whatever software updates your device asks for regularly. 

Check in with yourself. 

We always encourage you to move mindfully. If something hurts or is uncomfortable, don’t do it!

How hard are you working? Can you do a little bit more? Do you need to back off a bit? Are you having fun? We want you to enjoy movement, your training and feel great in your body. Ask us questions and reach out to us if you need modifications. Thats our job!

Turn off distractions. 

If you are streaming from your phone, turn it to night mode or flight mode so you won’t be bombarded with messages and emails. Remember, this is your time to focus on your body! Social media can wait. 

Virtual classes need lots of focus and discipline. 

Concentrate on the verbal cues we are giving you.  Concentrate on the muscle groups we are working on.  This way you don’t need to crane your neck to the side to watch the video. We have found that this can be so liberating to have complete concentration on yourself and no one else as a distraction. As you start to really pay attention to how your body is feeling in the movement, you can experience a whole new world of depth!


Please mute yourself during a group class.

We love to talk with you before and after the class! During the class (unless we specifically ask for questions) its more respectful for the class flow and other community members to wait for the appropriate time. We will be communicating with you quite a bit during the class, and you are encouraged to give us a thumbs up, thumbs down or any other (appropriate) gestures 🙂 If you want a bit more personal attention, we can do a private coaching where you have all our attention just for you, your questions and needs. 


Have fun training! We strive to make your virtual experience special!