What is “Cardio” and why do you need it?

The word “Cardio” is often used to mean aerobic exercise. It uses repetitive contraction of large muscle groups to get your heart beating faster and is the most beneficial type of exercise for your cardiovascular system. The cardiovascular system includes your heart, veins, blood and lungs.  

Cardio Exercise:

  • increases your heart and breathing rates
  • improves the function of your heart, lungs, and circulatory system

By challenging and strengthening your cardiovascular system, you increase its capacity to take in oxygen and pump blood to the working muscles.  As your heart becomes more efficient at pumping blood, your resting heart rate slows, reducing the stress on your heart. 

Cardio exercise helps your heart and lungs function better both during exercise and at rest.

Choose a training based on:


It should be easy for you to prepare and get it done. If you need to pump up your bike tires and replace the spokes, it’s much harder to stay motivated! Find something that is easy and convenient to your lifestyle. 


Cardio should be fun, even when it’s challenging. If you don’t like running, don’t do it. If you love dancing, get in a dance cardio session! If you enjoy the movement, you will be able to do it more often. There are lots of different options out there. 


Make room in your schedule and remember that short sessions count! If you are so busy that training is divided into smaller session, that’s OK! Doing something is way better than doing nothing. 

Physical Limitations

Depending on your joints and starting level of fitness, choose something that works for your physical condition. If your joints that make it painful for you to jump, perhaps a high impact cardio session is not right for you. There are seated cardio options, low impact and no impact that are highly effective. Ask us or your trainer if you want some more movement ideas.

Good cardiovascular fitness is an essential part of your health!

How will you integrate cardio into your life?