Perfitly You® Barre

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Perfitly You® Signature Barre

Everyone can train like a ballet dancer with grace, posture and musicality. Perfitly You Signature Barre is a culmination of over 30 years of our dance experience. We took the best ballet barre exercises and made them accessible so everyone has the possibility of training like a ballet dancer. Emphasis is placed not only on a workout, but grace, posture and musicality. No prior dance experience is necessary.


Perfitly You® Barre Basics

Barre Basics is the ideal class for Barre beginners, pre or post-pregnancy, or those wanting a gentler workout. It covers the fundamentals, including the proper technique, alignment, and movements. The class choreography is a touch simpler and slower so that you can bring your best concentration to feel the benefits of a full-body barre workout.


Perfitly You® Cardio Barre 

You know that shaky feeling you get from taking a barre class?! You could get that same burn with our barre cardio workout, plus an extra boost for your heart muscle! Barre cardio workouts are upbeat, high-energy exercise sequences that combine traditional, bodyweight barre exercises, light resistance, and continuous full-body movements. Regular training increases cardiovascular endurance, metabolism, and stamina.


Pertitly You® Barre Flow

Barre Flow blends dance-inspired movement, light resistance training, and core strengthening exercises. Expect total body training while using small, intense interval exercises choreographed to inspiring and immersive music. Great for an athletic physique and flexible body.


Perfitly You® Floor Barre

Floor barre is a technique that takes the basic barre training from the standing position to the floor. It’s the perfect combination of ballet, pilates, yoga, and mobility training. Exercises in floor barre can precisely target specific body parts such as the psoas muscles, hamstrings, or hips while still allowing the person to focus on increasing core strength awareness. The training is musically driven and uses small props such as weights, elastic bands, and blocks for an effective and challenging workout.